I know I frequently talk about this topic on here but the weather here lately has been so beautiful it has got me thinking and spending A LOT more time outside – ahhhh yes, natural vitamin D and fresh air. It’s no surprise that I have been sleeping like a rock lately! Usually I am up 2 or 3 times throughout the night tossing and turning but lately my head hits the pillow and I do not wake until the 5:45 alarm!

Coincidence or not but…I had to order a new phone since my Iphone died and have been without said phone for a few days now forcing me to go outside without it…and just chill in the shade with my sunglasses on watching Lola and enjoying watching the birds at the feeder. I have also not been looking at it before bed which I used to do constantly. We have been substituting walks around the neighborhood over scrolling on our phone or watching TV.  For some reason I have also been spending less time even in front of the laptop (except for the blog world because it’s something I enjoy checking up on!) 


Family members and friends act concerned… “we thought you were dead….are you feeling ok?….I haven’t seen any postings from you lately” Let me check my pulse….yep still here! Just unplugging a little and going through an internet detox. Social media addiction is something that our world has become so addicted to including myself, hopping on the bandwagon by grade 11.  Just like at times we need to detox from shitty food, drinks and relationships I think we are going through an energy/radiation crisis and we too need some detox time away from the internet and social media. In order to heal emotionally and physically from whatever is currently ailing us…it’s very important to be able to disconnect from the online world.

I think this is almost a laughable post coming from me because people who know me…know that I love social media, I love the internet, I love feeling connected to a communitybut too much of a good thing is never really a good thing. I mean we all LOVE icecream and pizza right? Doesn’t mean we should eat it every day – although I have tried. 


Everybody deserves to disconnect for a period of time – whether it be cutting out evening screen time, only checking the phone at certain times throughout the day or limiting availability if you are a home based entrepreneur through social media. It is especially imperative, I am learning lately that if you are an empath or sensitive soul like myself it’s so important to disconnect yourself from social media after using it and add in these longer social media detoxes each and every month. It’s something I have never really been aware of but I am going to be super conscious of doing so going forward. You will feel better for it – I promise! It’s like the negative energy clears away on it’s own just by spending less time connected to your smart phone. 


Benefits to disconnecting from social media include experiencing less anxiety over world issues, less need to participate in drama or comment on peoples lives, spend more time with your significant other, family and friends, get more exercise and feel well rested when your feet hit the ground each morning. I am experiencing all of these wonderful benefits and happier for it!

Do you feel like you have an addiction to social media? Do you feel the need to be connected 24/7? 

Until next time…

XO Jocelyn



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