Mean Girl Society

Hello Blog world!

I hope you all had a great week.

Yesterday I awoke at 4 am for none other than the Royal wedding. grandmother watched all of the royal weddings until the day she passed and I am not one to break on traditions. Scones were baked, clotted cream purchased, good china taken out and the bestie invited! This was one occasion to break the sugar free life.





I thought the wedding from start to finish was beautiful. It was simple, minimalist, understated yet effortlessly fabulous. It’s been reported that they wanted to do things differently, they wanted to be themselves and involve joint interests in their wedding that they shared together and meant something to them for example the preacher from Chicago, the gospel choir, Charles walking Meghan down the isle and finally the talk of the town; Meghan’s dress and overall look of the day. Which was fabulous and she WAS totally herself and suited her style to a T.  But…what I think doesn’t really matter does it? Their day shouldn’t be up for discussion – it only is because it’s in the public eye. And if we do discuss then why can’t it be all of the things we loved and admired? 




Which brings me to my topic of the day. The mean girl society we live in. And I’m not talking about swarmy 12 year olds either, oh no…it starts higher than that. I’m talking about the bored 30,40 and 50+ women who are keyboard warriors and enjoy talking nasty about other women (in this Case Duchess Meghan appearance) 

Case in point:





These are just a few that stood out to me. Sad isn’t it? How would these women feel if they read this stuff about their own sisters, daughters or best friends? Sadly…this is just normal every day occurrences. Perhaps these aren’t “bad” or “evil” women…this stuff is just so normal that it becomes second nature to every single one of us. We shrug it off, laugh a little, or even worse, turn a blind eye because it’s nothing new.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many young girls grow into bruised and battered young women, unable to look at themselves in the mirror, refusing to have their photos taken and hide themselves away feeling depressed. Perhaps this is the reason why suicide rates have continued to climb. It’s the sad state of our affairs today.  You see…it starts at the top with parents and how they behave and trickles down into young girls who spend their time bullying at school. And this doesn’t change as they grow older as you can see from my own personal photos that I have shard. This is another form of bullying that is so prevalent today: cyber bullying. We no longer say things to someones face but either way it’s just as hurtful and leaves a mark.

I too was the subject of many bullies target in all 3, grade school, junior high and high school – even adult bullies but that’s another story. Once things like messenger became popular and publicly bullying people on the internet – it got much worse for me. From my weight, acne, buck teeth, braces, frizzy hair, clothing choices to things I probably do not even know about. And it did take it’s toll but I like to think I’m now stronger for it and can hold my own. It wasn’t always like that though and I spent a great many a year feeling alone and helpless. Some people don’t have the happily ever after story…they don’t feel strong enough to make it. And they sadly don’t.

This is a serious problem – we as women have to start standing up for these people. Even a celebrity…even a duchess! It’s time to stand up for what we know is right and go head to head with these people. As Einstein once said “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing” 

Until next time my friends,

XO Jocelyn





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