To All My Beauties….A Note on Body image

To my beautiful lady friends out there.

Plus size, curvy, average, skinny, thin, muscular….pear, apple, pencil etc.

Whatever you may be today. 🌴🌴It’s hot today.🌴🌴 Like really really hot and humid.

For many years I hid myself away in this weather, embarrassed of my size or certain body parts. You know how it is…the mind is a dark and murky place when you let these thoughts take over our bright side and sometimes they win. I wouldn’t attend family functions, missed birthday parties and events and missed experiencing how amazing life can be.

I’m not sure I’ve posted about this before as it’s really nobody’s business but I also have a fairly common condition called PCOS and likely had it since I was fairly young (caused by, in my case too many antibiotics as a child, candida overgrowth and taking bc pills young for thing’s like acne and cramps. Go figure…modern doctors put young women today on things like the pill even though it can destroy proper hormone function. )today I’m learning to control symptoms with balancing my blood sugar, taking natural supplements and herbs and keeping stress levels down. But I digress. Pcos causes many symptoms, like making it hard to lose weight and having an excess of body hair. So, I shave today and by tomorrow I’m hairy again 😂😂😂 

Gotta laugh about it right? I was teased in high school for this when I unknowingly had this condition. People can be cruel at any age but I’ve learned to rise above. My sanity and peace of mind is more important. And yours is too.

I let the words of insignificant people get to me. That was a mistake. Today I want you to wear that sundress, that swimsuit, those shorts, tank tops, capris….whatever! – no matter what your size is and no matter how hairy of legs and body are  What’s more important? Your comfort or theirs!? Ignore judgmental people like the plague. Lift your chin up and point your eyes to the sky. Live in the moment as we will never get today back. Guess what? Today I’m wearing a sundress I fell in love with from Torrid. I’m gonna go for a dip in Lake Huron in my swimsuit…I’m gonna sit outside and get vitamin D and enjoy a frozen adult I where I wanna be health wise!? No. But I’m not going to let that invade my mind. Acknowledge it and move on. Don’t worry, be happy 👌🌴🌼🌸





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