8 Steps To Intuitive Healing


Happy Monday friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent the weekend by the lake visiting my parents and mom for mothers day. Lola enjoyed it immensely and it was a weekend of many firsts for her! We enjoyed lots of fresh air and vitamin D as well. Bonus! My oh my how Lola has grown.


Mom and Dad with Lola

These past few months have definitely been different for me. Instead of forcing what isn’t or what cannot be I have been intuitively following what feels right for me and my health and life in general. “Going with the flow” so to speak…trusting the universe has my back and will provide and closely paying attention to its clues/cues. I have been putting spoken word out into the universe each morning and following the path of faith for my life and those around me.  I wanted to introduce you to a list of what I have followed (looking back) these are the things that seem to be working for me and what I have had to go through to get to where I am today.

  1. Following that Gut Feeling

I guess you could call it a spiritual awakening of sorts  which happened leading up to my wedding this past year. I knew there was more out there for my life. I felt that I am here for a bigger purpose and that I was meant to help people in some way. Of that I was sure. I felt that by dealing with my own health issues – I could shed some light on these sort of issues that others might be going through too. I knew I had to dive into my health issues and start to heal from the inside out and that some how this would in a big way contribute to my future. I started by visiting with a nutritionist and naturopath who put me on the right path as far as diet and supplements go. I found out what was invading my body and causing most of the trouble. I got some medium readings in order to decipher what I was thinking and feeling and seeing. I learned about emotions and how they can get stuck in the body and how important it is to let them flow rather than allowing them to invade our body and thoughts. I pay attention to reoccurring signs and symbols that may be taking place around me and keep note of them. We are all born quite intuitive – we just need to get over ourselves and pay attention to the world around us. W

2. Acknowledgement 

To get to a place where you can intuitively heal yourself it takes a certain amount of acknowledgement of how we got here in the first place. Whether it be self inflicted or family trauma from the past, we must step into living in this very moment and realize that this moment is the key to healing. What can we do today to shed our past and relieve worries and anxieties about our future? We need to find what works for us…it could be writing, journaling, yoga, meditation and very well could be a combination of things. What we do in this moment matters. We must be mindful, present and open to health and well being. We must do whatever we can to shield ourselves from the negativity of this crazy world. We must learn to not play the victim but to continually overcome, learn, and grow. I Jocelyn, acknowledge the role that my past has played in leading to my health spiraling out of control but I will no longer allow that to dictate my current and future health and growth. 

3. Studying, researching and analyzing 

We must spend some time studying, researching and analyzing our life and behavior in order to heal ourselves. We need to get away from the screen and cut the cord to anything that no longer serves us. We need to turn off the news and spend some time outside. I personally took a break from my smart phone and laptop. I took a break from watching T.V and the morning news. I took a good look inside my life like a fly on the wall and realized how out of control my consumerism and spending habits had gotten. It made me feel “icky” and realizing that I needed to make a deep change in my life. I spent some time going through my closet and donating items that I no longer wear, cleaned out each room in the house and spent quality time with my husband. We set up a tighter monthly budget that will serve us more going forward together. We should refuse to play the victim any longer. 

4. Emotions

Realize that emotions play a huge roll in our path to healing and health. Intuitive healing involves taking a look at our trapped emotions and learning how to safely release them in order to live in the now and no longer harboring them in our body and mind. Some of us easily take on the emotions of others and feel all mixed up after we have been in large crowds – similar to that of an introvert. We need to take time to be alone and to release those emotions that are not our own or what does not serve us and be able to have that time alone to recharge our batteries. What has helped me has been to write about things that may have negatively affected me and in a way it’s releasing them from myself. You might release yours differently. It’s about finding whatever works for you, personally.

5. Doing

We must put in the work and listen to our intuition in order to figure out how we are going to heal. I completed two rounds of the 30 day candida diet, took two rounds of anti fungals, started walking daily, working outside, spending more time outside and getting more vitamin D, getting more rest, and eating healthier foods. You cannot accomplish much without “doing”. Period. 

6. Diet

This one is pretty self explanatory. Do not eat things that make you feel like shit. Once I started realizing what was invading my body and mind I started seeing more and more patterns and familiar things popping up on my body and with my health. What works for me might not work for you. Personally my body responds well to a low sugar, low fat diet and I am working towards freeing myself of candida plus balancing my blood sugar and hormones. The better you eat the clearer your mind and body become – the easier it is to follow your intuition as it is all connected. If your body is all filled up with gunk it’s easier to feel blocked from what the universe might be trying to tell you. Finally…good gut health is KEY. Feeling shitty? Imbalanced? indigestion? Brain fog? Skin rash? Try taking a really good probiotic each morning and notice the changes.

7. Rest

Rest is so important. It’s important to not only get proper rest and adequate sleep over night but you must rest every day. Take a rest from negativity on the news, from negative people and situations that you no longer feel serve you. Grab the scissors and start cutting those cords. Being busy is not productive nor does it serve an important purpose in your life, healing or health.

8. Allow for Growth

Finally after following everything I have mentioned it will be hard not to feel the growth that you will continue to go through daily. You might lose or gain friends, you might figure out you are better suited in a new position or different career, you might realize what foods work best for you and what changes you need to make at home in order to have that growth that is important for all of us. Some people need to go through the rough stuff to allow for that new growth to happen. Some people need to have things fall away to experience growth.  It’s so important to allow this growth to happen. We must not stifle it for growth is necessary and inevitable in this human experience. 

This is what intuitive healing is to me and what I have included into my daily life over the past couple months. I hope this helps you out too!

Send me a message or feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.

XO Jocelyn



Lessons from Lola

Happy weekend all!!

I thought this would be a cute one for ya 🙂 We can learn so much from pets and in my case dogs. I am 100 percent certain that Lola is part of my healing journey. She doesn’t always make things easy…but that’s part of the beauty of it all 😉

Life lessons and advice from Lola (my dog)


  1. Eyes are your best feature

Eyes are the window to your soul and besides your personality and smile – they are your best feature! So use them to your advantage 😉


2. Cry as loud as you want too

Crying is cathartic. And it’s better out than in.

“It’s better to cry than to be angry; because anger hurts others. While tears flow silently through the soul and cleanses the heart.” – Pope John Paul II

When Lola cries…it’s usually her way of getting our attention and she’s not afraid to cry loud! Sometimes the littlest thing will make me cry (a t.v commercial for example) but then I’ll just be sobbing loud for the next 10 minutes. NO…I’m not crazy….but I feel so much better afterwards lol. Try it 😉


3. Eat when you are hungry – learn what hunger feels like! 


Lola is a growing pup. Right now she eats 3 meals a day just like you and me. She has an amazing nose and can sniff out where her food is from a mile away. Something I have struggled with is eating when I am hungry and when it’s necessary…not just when I’m bored or craving! If you can stick to it and learn this mind trick you are already ahead of the game!

4. Take lots of naps – rest when necessary

Lola is a high energy dog (most Labs are) …but she will be playing hard for an hour and then drop everything and like a light switch she will drop and nap whenever and wherever! I think we can learn a lot from dogs. NAPS ARE GOOD. NAPS ARE OUR FRIEND. Most of us have malnourished and stressed out bodies from diet, stress, work, worry, anxiety etc. A daily nap even the smallest nap…can and will go a long way. 


5. Cuddles are the best – hug more 

Need I say more?  I think it has been scientifically proven that a hug can drop your stress levels and just make you feel better and more secure! 




6. Find hobbies or things you like to do regularly

Lola has a wide variety of athletic pursuits 😉 She loves playing and fetching ball, chewing rope, going for walks and playing with her humans! It keeps her happy! We are no different. Find something you love and do it often or try new things whether you like to do group activities or individual pursuits – hobbies keep us happy and our mind active and takes us away from the little every day worries or annoyances. 


7. Surround yourself with people you love and will take care of you for life

Enough said! Surround yourself with loving family and friends. Don’t be afraid to cut the toxic ones out. 


8. Be Present and get over it

Dogs don’t dwell on things. They get over shit pretty fast – haha, literally! We can’t hold on to the past and we can’t worry about the future. All that we have is right now. 


9. Always greet good morning and good night!

Never a day goes by where Lola doesn’t wiggle her butt in happiness to say GOOD MORNING and trots in her crate at night and looks up at us to say night night. Never go to bed or wake up angry. Communication is key. 



10. Explore and Adventure (walk 30 minutes a day)

Walking is a great for so many things. It stretches your legs, builds muscle and stamina, gives you some vitamin D, fresh air and time away from social meda and stress. Walking takes you on a daily adventure! You are sure to see or smell something new every day 😉  Walk with your friend or a dog…or both! It helps to strengthen your bond.


xo Jocelyn

Must Love Dogs

So …we kind of did a thing.


Blog world – meet Lola! Our beautiful  Chocolate lab. We picked her up the DAY AFTER we returned from our honeymoon. What were we thinking!? lol And – this is why I haven’t been writing lately 😉 She keeps us busy! She is VERY high energy and at the moment, high needs.

She was the runt of her litter and about 6 or 7 pounds when we got her.

Lola soon made her personality well known! She is sassy, rambunctious, a bit on the wild side, extra nippy (as we learned most chocolate labs are) a little on the clingy side and EXTRA intelligent. This pup knows how we work!!!! I have literally joined every single lab group I could find on Facebook and take solace in the fact that other people are going through what we are going through. Someone described chocolate lab puppies as toddlers with razor sharp teeth that they are not afraid to use! This is so true. She is remorseful now after chewing on us (we both yelp loud to mimic another dog) and then she sits by our feet and licks us lol.


The first two weeks were rough. I won’t sugar coat things! I had battle scars from chewing and biting and  It was hard getting up every hour to two hours to let her out (teaching her proper potty training) and she also developed round worm which complicated things.Two nights in a row we came down to her barking and her crate full of diarrhea and she was covered in it too – UGH Poor thing. It was very out of her norm as she rarely had soiled in her crate before. We had to take her to the vet for some de worming and probiotics. That was expensive.

Despite our exhaustion – it’s all been worth it. Getting a puppy/dog can teach and force  you into so many things that might be out of your comfort zone ; patience, selflessness, trust, routine, physical fitness and stamina and more.




We have fallen for this sassy little girl! Not so little anymore.


Lola is in her 11th week! She has pretty much doubled her weight since we got her 🐶🐶🐶 She is 16 pounds of chocolate chunk! She can sit, lay down,  shake both paws and go potty on command. She LOVES chewing on her toys and her humans 😂🙈 she loves collecting sticks outside. She loves food and eats it way too fast. She especially loves training treats. She loves sleeping by her humans feet. ❤️ She plays for an hour or two and sleeps for an hour all day long. She still gets up once or twice over night for potty. We are down to one or two and sometimes even No accidents in the house daily. She hates the vacuum!! We are working on leash training and the command “leave it” ❤️❤️❤️

I was always raised in a household of Dog lovers. We always had a dog! We had a border collie named Maggie for almost 19 years. She was the best damn dog around. Our dogs were treated like Queens. They were allowed in my parents bed, on the couch, they were spoiled with treats and toys and long walks. They weren’t looked at as “dirty” and we trained them well. We respected them and therefore they respected us. They were apart of the family and that’s all I had ever known. Brent was raised a little differently and I was hesitant about getting a pup but desired one so badly! However, I am so impressed with how he has taken to Lola and how he treats her. Lola absolutely LOVES him. She is such a sucky daddys girl! Dogs are just good for the soul, yanno? They are man and woman’s best friend and definitely will enrich your life if you treat and raise them right!


“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” 
― Mark Twain

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.” 
― Milan Kundera

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 
― Josh Billings


A lot of people in my life are questioning our decision to get a dog right now instead of “just having a baby” – well that’s another post for another day 😉  Lola has already provided us with so much happiness and I know is helping my soul and emotional healing day by day. She makes me laugh SO hard. And that my friends, cannot be a bad thing.

Do you have a fur baby? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

XO  Jocelyn