To All My Beauties….A Note on Body image

To my beautiful lady friends out there.

Plus size, curvy, average, skinny, thin, muscular….pear, apple, pencil etc.

Whatever you may be today. 🌴🌴It’s hot today.🌴🌴 Like really really hot and humid.

For many years I hid myself away in this weather, embarrassed of my size or certain body parts. You know how it is…the mind is a dark and murky place when you let these thoughts take over our bright side and sometimes they win. I wouldn’t attend family functions, missed birthday parties and events and missed experiencing how amazing life can be.

I’m not sure I’ve posted about this before as it’s really nobody’s business but I also have a fairly common condition called PCOS and likely had it since I was fairly young (caused by, in my case too many antibiotics as a child, candida overgrowth and taking bc pills young for thing’s like acne and cramps. Go figure…modern doctors put young women today on things like the pill even though it can destroy proper hormone function. )today I’m learning to control symptoms with balancing my blood sugar, taking natural supplements and herbs and keeping stress levels down. But I digress. Pcos causes many symptoms, like making it hard to lose weight and having an excess of body hair. So, I shave today and by tomorrow I’m hairy again 😂😂😂 

Gotta laugh about it right? I was teased in high school for this when I unknowingly had this condition. People can be cruel at any age but I’ve learned to rise above. My sanity and peace of mind is more important. And yours is too.

I let the words of insignificant people get to me. That was a mistake. Today I want you to wear that sundress, that swimsuit, those shorts, tank tops, capris….whatever! – no matter what your size is and no matter how hairy of legs and body are  What’s more important? Your comfort or theirs!? Ignore judgmental people like the plague. Lift your chin up and point your eyes to the sky. Live in the moment as we will never get today back. Guess what? Today I’m wearing a sundress I fell in love with from Torrid. I’m gonna go for a dip in Lake Huron in my swimsuit…I’m gonna sit outside and get vitamin D and enjoy a frozen adult I where I wanna be health wise!? No. But I’m not going to let that invade my mind. Acknowledge it and move on. Don’t worry, be happy 👌🌴🌼🌸





Goodbye DoorMat

Hello blog world….

Question for you…

Where are my introverts at? Where are my empaths at?  For all of you quiet and shy souls. How about all of my genuinely nice folks with good intentions and good hearts? I know you are out there and this one is for you. Have you ever felt like a doormat?  Do you let people walk all over you and your feelings? Do you just put up with the bullshit and drama???


Do people take advantage of your kindness?

Do you feel under appreciated or taken for granted?

Are you a giver?

Do you feel burnt out on giving but not receiving?

Do you take care of everyone around you but not yourself?

Do you spend time with people you don’t really like? People who suck the good vibes out of you??

Do you compromise your values if it means others will remain happy with you??

Read on…

Growing up I know I felt like this too often… and I still do. But it’s time to say good bye to that scared person afraid to speak up to the bullies in life…the ones that like to railroad over our feelings and show no mercy. I am a people pleaser. I find it VERY difficult to say no to people when asking favors of me. I find it hard to just say NO and not offer a big long winded explanation of why I can’t or won’t do something. I feel every feeling and emotion…my emotions often like a whirlwind roller coaster from day to day for this reason.


Guess what? Sometimes you simply don’t feel like doing something and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you feel. Sometimes you see something nasty taking place whether it be online or offline and you fear speaking up but you know you would make a valid point if you did. Why are we so scared of other people and their reactions? Why do we let other people have all of the power? We constantly are telling our children…if you see someone being bullied or someone doing something bad then tell a teacher. Why do we ask our children to speak up but we don’t do it for ourselves?

I find it hard to confront people in person (although easy to write about it!) if someone has a clashing opinion to my own or if someone is confrontational with me…I’d rather just shrug it off then respond. My heart starts to speed up rapidly, palms get sweaty and the words are ready in my head but when I try to speak them everything gets mixed up! But this isn’t always healthy to be that people pleaser. We can’t please people 100 percent of the time nor is it healthy for us. We must find our inner voice and not be afraid to use it. In the name of complete healing…we must!Enough with hiding ourselves away and hiding our voice. Enough with hiding our personal power.


From here on out take these vows with me… Feel free to change them up and even add your own!

I vow to say no when I feel its right to do so and not feel bad about it.

I vow to say no and not feel I must offer an explanation to back that no up.

I vow to speak up against negativity, bullies, energy suckers and keyboard warriors.

I vow to do good and react… not stand by and watch evil happen. Including on the internet.

I vow to crate healthy and necessary boundaries when necessary with people and situations in my life. 

I vow to let my emotions flow through me rather than bottle them up.

I vow to use my voice.

I vow to use this blog as a space for good and a place to see the bigger picture.


Will you take these vows with me?? You might have some of your own too! Let me hear em!

XO Jocelyn




8 Steps To Intuitive Healing


Happy Monday friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent the weekend by the lake visiting my parents and mom for mothers day. Lola enjoyed it immensely and it was a weekend of many firsts for her! We enjoyed lots of fresh air and vitamin D as well. Bonus! My oh my how Lola has grown.


Mom and Dad with Lola

These past few months have definitely been different for me. Instead of forcing what isn’t or what cannot be I have been intuitively following what feels right for me and my health and life in general. “Going with the flow” so to speak…trusting the universe has my back and will provide and closely paying attention to its clues/cues. I have been putting spoken word out into the universe each morning and following the path of faith for my life and those around me.  I wanted to introduce you to a list of what I have followed (looking back) these are the things that seem to be working for me and what I have had to go through to get to where I am today.

  1. Following that Gut Feeling

I guess you could call it a spiritual awakening of sorts  which happened leading up to my wedding this past year. I knew there was more out there for my life. I felt that I am here for a bigger purpose and that I was meant to help people in some way. Of that I was sure. I felt that by dealing with my own health issues – I could shed some light on these sort of issues that others might be going through too. I knew I had to dive into my health issues and start to heal from the inside out and that some how this would in a big way contribute to my future. I started by visiting with a nutritionist and naturopath who put me on the right path as far as diet and supplements go. I found out what was invading my body and causing most of the trouble. I got some medium readings in order to decipher what I was thinking and feeling and seeing. I learned about emotions and how they can get stuck in the body and how important it is to let them flow rather than allowing them to invade our body and thoughts. I pay attention to reoccurring signs and symbols that may be taking place around me and keep note of them. We are all born quite intuitive – we just need to get over ourselves and pay attention to the world around us. W

2. Acknowledgement 

To get to a place where you can intuitively heal yourself it takes a certain amount of acknowledgement of how we got here in the first place. Whether it be self inflicted or family trauma from the past, we must step into living in this very moment and realize that this moment is the key to healing. What can we do today to shed our past and relieve worries and anxieties about our future? We need to find what works for us…it could be writing, journaling, yoga, meditation and very well could be a combination of things. What we do in this moment matters. We must be mindful, present and open to health and well being. We must do whatever we can to shield ourselves from the negativity of this crazy world. We must learn to not play the victim but to continually overcome, learn, and grow. I Jocelyn, acknowledge the role that my past has played in leading to my health spiraling out of control but I will no longer allow that to dictate my current and future health and growth. 

3. Studying, researching and analyzing 

We must spend some time studying, researching and analyzing our life and behavior in order to heal ourselves. We need to get away from the screen and cut the cord to anything that no longer serves us. We need to turn off the news and spend some time outside. I personally took a break from my smart phone and laptop. I took a break from watching T.V and the morning news. I took a good look inside my life like a fly on the wall and realized how out of control my consumerism and spending habits had gotten. It made me feel “icky” and realizing that I needed to make a deep change in my life. I spent some time going through my closet and donating items that I no longer wear, cleaned out each room in the house and spent quality time with my husband. We set up a tighter monthly budget that will serve us more going forward together. We should refuse to play the victim any longer. 

4. Emotions

Realize that emotions play a huge roll in our path to healing and health. Intuitive healing involves taking a look at our trapped emotions and learning how to safely release them in order to live in the now and no longer harboring them in our body and mind. Some of us easily take on the emotions of others and feel all mixed up after we have been in large crowds – similar to that of an introvert. We need to take time to be alone and to release those emotions that are not our own or what does not serve us and be able to have that time alone to recharge our batteries. What has helped me has been to write about things that may have negatively affected me and in a way it’s releasing them from myself. You might release yours differently. It’s about finding whatever works for you, personally.

5. Doing

We must put in the work and listen to our intuition in order to figure out how we are going to heal. I completed two rounds of the 30 day candida diet, took two rounds of anti fungals, started walking daily, working outside, spending more time outside and getting more vitamin D, getting more rest, and eating healthier foods. You cannot accomplish much without “doing”. Period. 

6. Diet

This one is pretty self explanatory. Do not eat things that make you feel like shit. Once I started realizing what was invading my body and mind I started seeing more and more patterns and familiar things popping up on my body and with my health. What works for me might not work for you. Personally my body responds well to a low sugar, low fat diet and I am working towards freeing myself of candida plus balancing my blood sugar and hormones. The better you eat the clearer your mind and body become – the easier it is to follow your intuition as it is all connected. If your body is all filled up with gunk it’s easier to feel blocked from what the universe might be trying to tell you. Finally…good gut health is KEY. Feeling shitty? Imbalanced? indigestion? Brain fog? Skin rash? Try taking a really good probiotic each morning and notice the changes.

7. Rest

Rest is so important. It’s important to not only get proper rest and adequate sleep over night but you must rest every day. Take a rest from negativity on the news, from negative people and situations that you no longer feel serve you. Grab the scissors and start cutting those cords. Being busy is not productive nor does it serve an important purpose in your life, healing or health.

8. Allow for Growth

Finally after following everything I have mentioned it will be hard not to feel the growth that you will continue to go through daily. You might lose or gain friends, you might figure out you are better suited in a new position or different career, you might realize what foods work best for you and what changes you need to make at home in order to have that growth that is important for all of us. Some people need to go through the rough stuff to allow for that new growth to happen. Some people need to have things fall away to experience growth.  It’s so important to allow this growth to happen. We must not stifle it for growth is necessary and inevitable in this human experience. 

This is what intuitive healing is to me and what I have included into my daily life over the past couple months. I hope this helps you out too!

Send me a message or feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.

XO Jocelyn


Country Roads Take Me Home

Happy Friday friends! (Assuming I finish this blog today, Friday) Often times I will sit down to begin to write and can’t find the words to finish until I feel inspired to do so…. I really gotta figure out why that is?

I grew up on a nice enough albeit busier street and lived there until I moved away for 4 years to university. I then came back and lived there for a few more years. It was comfortable. It was familiar.  I lived down the street from all of my schools – within walking distance. I had a best friend across the street with whom I grew up with. However one thing all of us (my mom, dad and brother) didn’t really like was being able to touch the house next door, to kind of the know the neighbours but not in the intimate way you might in a smaller town, not to mention the nosiness, the crime rate, the peeping tom we had when I was 15. Not feeling safe in my surroundings in general, not wanting to walk anywhere once it got dark and triple checking that everything was locked at all times.

This continued until I moved in with my husband – out to the boondocks. Driving through country fields and farm land to get to our little town. Population tiny. What did I expect? I got married to a cowboy 😉



Don’t get me wrong…we still know ALL of our neighbors and I do mean all of them lol. Or I suppose…they know me. We live on a quiet old street in our little town. Our house was built in 1890 so it definitely has charm and character. But it’s so different from where I used to live. It was definitely an adjustment and I have had to work on my closed off perspective and personality that I just developed from living in a busier more populated city. People on the next block over know my name. Lets just say news travels fast in this neck of the woods. They know that we got married and even sent a personalized note card and bottle of wine as a gift to celebrate. Now that is small town charm! Basically…it’s normal to know everybody’s name, business, and pant size. Ok…I kid. But you get what I mean. 

I’ll give you some small town tips now that I have lived here for around a year. Despite being taught to keep my head down in my old city and not to converse with strangers – here in Stars Hollow (get the Gilmore girls reference? yes I do believe I live in my very own sleepy Stars Hollow) you keep a smile on your face, your eyes up, you make eye contact and slap everyone you greet with a high 5. Ok…so I suppose that’s going a bit far but if you don’t say hello to the townsfolk here then you can’t be one.


Next, you learn to support the local restaurants and grocery store over the one and only big chain shop in town (Timmies) despite the fact that it’s double the price than Tim Hortons. We have one (amazing) Chinese food restaurant, one buffet style/comfort food restaurant (think roast beef and gravy, sausage suppers and malted milkshakes), one local breakfast and lunch coffee shop which serves amazing sandwiches all locally sourced, of course, Tim Hortons and just recently, a Subway opened – however half the time you go in they are out of bread. Fact. It was big news when the subway opened and Brent and I went for the big opening. Yes folks, this is my real life. Date night! haha


If Brent had his way and it were currently in the budget we would probably move further out of town STILL onto a farming property where no neighbors existed. Brent grew up on his families dairy farm so he is used to living quite off the radar. And I get it…I might poke fun of it here from time to time – but I’ve kind of gotten used to the sleepy town feel. It’s nurtured my spiritual side and given my emotions room to breathe and flow. Everything moves slower here which I admire and find it necessary in my life in order to function properly. Nobody is rushing from place to place and in general, people here seem to be happier. Could it be because we tend to spend more time outside of our houses and away from the screen?

I feel safe again outside of my own home. I take Lola for walks around the neighbourhood after 8:30 pm even if it’s dark and my heart doesn’t start rapidly beating out of fear. I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I say hello to my neighbors (despite my introverted ways) Even though at times it canfeel a little intrusive I still find it slightly comforting that everybody knows everybody elses business. Neighborhood watch is amazing for crime prevention. I take a walk over to the local cafe and pay for overpriced coffee and sandwiches …why?  Because it’s important to support the locals and I am now a local! Not to mention I know where all of the food and drink is coming from because they tell you each and every time you go into that cafe! They are insanely proud of that. The churches here are also heavily involved in the community and always putting on some sort of fish fry night, coffee morning, pig roast or some sort of community event. Yea…Brent and I don’t need to drive into the city for date night. We got all we need right here!

Overall my stress levels have definitely decreased. I sleep better at night. I feel happier where I am now. And that is no coincidence. 

Country Roads, take me home, to the place…I belong”


Do you live in a small town? Big city? Do you have any pros or cons to mention?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

XO Jocelyn




Il Dolce Far Niente

Hello friends!

Hope you are all doing well on this delightfully sunny day. You know if I’m on here then that means I’ve been thinking and thinking leads to me sharing with you (lucky ducks) so, if you would be so inclined to sit back and read a little of my thoughts!

I must preface this with the fact that I had entitled this blog post “balance” because it is…all about balance and imbalance – however I changed the title to reflect what my personal balance is all about and how I arrived there.


I believe that so many by products of our modern world has lead to so much toxicity and disease in our body like diet, modern medicine, lack of sleep, work stress and the fact that society likes to worship busyness. All of these things together create an unhealthy imbalance in our life.

Think of our life like a spider web – each web leads to different aspects of our life and things we devote our time too; family time, friendships, work obligations, groceries, meal prep and cooking, house maintenance, get togethers, physical activity, SLEEP (so important), taking care of our furry friends, hobbies and more. If we overload this web with too much of something or too much of it all – it creates an imbalance thus breaking the web (our body) and it all comes crashing down leading to disease, physical and emotional ailments, lack of money and resources, stress, anxiety and more. We become burnt out, fragile, distant and sick of it all.

For me I had to learn the hard way about balance and imbalance and from a young age too. Although I’m thankful I went through it all and it has taken quite some time to figure out what a good balance is for me and my body/lifestyle and how to unravel from being stuck in an imbalanced body and life. I will say this, it’s trial and error and it’s different for everybody. Sometimes we think we can do it all, handle it all, want it all but we quickly realize that, that could not be further from the truth.

When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a professional dancer. I spent at least 3-4 mornings per week in high school at the studio before classes. I spent every free evening as well as most of the day Saturday at the studio. Sometimes I even spent Sundays there if it was competition season. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVED dancing, I loved being on the stage, I loved the makeup, sparkly costumes and spending time with my dance friends and I created some amazing memories however the older I got and the more I thought about the fact that I didn’t even realize what I was missing out on, the more I grew distant of it all.

I started to resent dance. And I hated feeling that way. I wanted to know that I could be good at more than just dance. I wanted to try new things. Most of all I just wanted to be STILL for a second. I wanted to eat my meals at a table – not in the car on my way to dance. I wanted to hang out after school with friends, I wanted to catch my favorite TV shows, I wanted to spend some time outside. I wanted to go to bed early and not be sore all over from 6 hours of dance class the next morning. I was a high school student who wanted to “play” outside. I missed most of my youth with hours logged in the studio.  I wanted to enjoy my favorite foods without guilt of gaining weight or fear of not fitting into certain costumes. I wanted to NOT be an emotional mess all of the time. I wanted to experience the simple things that every young person should. I just wanted to be happy and carefree. 

Maybe I went about it the wrong way as I was young and hormonal and kind of mixed up if I’m honest. I could NOT function the way I had been living anymore and I remember the moment I quit  – it was a shock to my parents and dance family – and quite understandable that it upset the people who meant the most to me but I remember in that moment despite all the hurt I had caused others I felt like a free bird. And I decided at the young age of 16 to never get so busy again. To never say yes to things that I no longer wanted to do or participate in.

I started participating more at school – in field hockey and soccer, spent some time volunteering, experienced my first romance ok..maybe I had one or two romances lol hey it was high school after all, ate way too much junk food (ok, maybe went overboard with it) after starving myself for so long. I put my all into my grades and got into University. I traveled with friends and went to concerts. I experienced a bit of life. I actually did go back to dance but to a more relaxed environment. I danced twice per week in my favorite genre of dance, tap, and I even competed with that studio. It wasn’t stressful though, it was just fun. I was doing it for myself. And it was all on my terms. I didn’t feel busy and I wasn’t doing things for the sake of doing them. I said yes on purpose to the things that made me feel good and felt comfortable enough to say no when it started feeling like too much or if it stopped being fun. Most importantly, I had down time to breathe.

And maybe people don’t really get my philosophy on this topic but then again they didn’t live my life and they have not walked in my footsteps. I think some might see it as lazy…but I don’t feel that way at all.  I am pretty steadfast in allowing nothing to create that imbalance that I felt back then into my life. I can feel my anxiety and stress creep up when things get too busy and too hectic in my life. And I will shut it down quite quickly. I know sometimes we go through  hectic periods in life but overall I feel like we can control our environment and what we agree to participate in somewhat.

Society has us glorifying busy – so much so that we don’t even know why we are busy. We aren’t even being productive! And make no mistake busyness is not productivity. People act like it’s cool…like it’s a “thing” to keep busy. People please!!! STOP glorifying busy. And why do we do it? To mask the real issues we might be facing in our lives? Perhaps…there is always a root cause to our madness. Are we afraid to be alone with our thoughts? Afraid to disconnect? Afraid to be kicked out of our social circles? Afraid to be the black sheep? You tell me….

55b8993d89705541ca99a919ece27c0e (1)


A few years ago when the book and movie eat,pray, love was released I resonated with it so deeply and took the catch phrase from that movie which I found perfectly summed up my philosophy on life…



“Il Dolce Far Niente” Italian for…the sweetness of doing nothing.



Now, Im not saying you need to take a trip to Italy, India and Bali to find yourself and realize what sort of balance you must create in your life to really appreciate it or to figure out whats important to you. But have you ever just took a moment to sit and really think about it? Are all of the things you try to cram into your day or feel necessary to say “yes” too really necessary? Do they improve your well being? Do they help you sleep at night? I’m going to guess – NO. Mostly not. When you feel busy is it stroking your ego? Probably, yes. I had to get to the point of breakdown, physical and mental exhaustion to realize what a mess “busy” had created in my young life. 

I have written about this a bit before and sorry to be a broken record but I truly believe that living your best life is an art form. It’s going back to the basics, the way our grandparents lived. Sitting out on the porch watching your kids play…or in my case my fur baby. Feeding the birds. Admiring the flowers that have popped up over night. Being able to say no to unnecessary obligations and events without explanation. Cooking a meal for yourself using the best ingredients and sitting at a table to slowly eat it, alone with your thoughts. Reading the newspaper, walking to the library, checking out some books and getting lost in another world. It’s being able to unwind from the hectic life that we have created for ourselves. It’s about carving out downtime and making the most of it. Our body and minds deserve and demand it.


Do you glorify busy? Do you feel pushed into being busy? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

XO Jocelyn







Music For Your Soul

How many of you love music out there? How many of you have some sort of soul connection with music or your favorite band? Can you relate to a band or song resonating with you so deep that it gets you through the tough times? Does it relax you and bring you to your happy place?  How many of you have grown up with your favorite band? If you answered yes to even one of these questions than you might appreciate this post!


I became a Hanson fan in 1997. Yep…THAT Hanson. And yes they are still around.


I don’t think I had the Middle of Nowhere Cassette until middle of that summer. I remember it vividly. I was up in Port Elgin Ontario (my favorite place to this very day) where my parents have a trailer in a family campground. We took a trip to Radio Shack for my brother to pick up some cassettes he was interested in. I picked up two cassettes (not really knowing much about them) No Doubt and a band called HANSON – Middle of Nowhere. We ventured back to the campground and in the lazy hazy afternoon sun, I grabbed my handy dandy Walkman, stuck in the Hanson cassette and laid out on the picnic table. Thinking of you started to blast into my ears, and that was it. My life would be forever changed.

The very day that I bought MON – by Hanson. I can see the orange cassette and radio shack bag on the table 🙂

It was a good Summer…the summer of no cares. The summer of lemon juice in my hair and baby oil on my legs. Getting lost in the Middle of Nowhere. However…I went through some tough times after that summer and Hanson and their music REALLY got me through. I resonated so much with those lyrics and they are forever stuck in my brain. Of course, my family thought it was a fad but here we are over 20 years later…

The first song on MON 

For your listening pleasure….

I can’t really say what drew me into Hanson. I remember my grandmother pointing them out to me on TV and I found them cute and the music catchy and light hearted. Hellooo….I was just a young girl!  I was 10 years old when I first bought that cassette.

MMMBOP – OK so they have grown up 😉 Like a fine wine they continue to get better with age. 

I might not know much in the grand scheme of things but I do know that the music helped me get through some of the hardest times of my life. I immersed myself into the community which is a culture all on it’s own. Like a tight knit family where everyone knows your name.


I guess on a larger scale though, looking back on it now with a spiritual perception, perhaps someone KNEW that I would need Hanson and their music to get me through those difficult times. The friendships and experiences I gained from being a Hanson fan kept me coming back for more. When you become attached and interested in someone or something that young – you feel like you truly know them. It’s kind of hard to break a bond like that. Very few understand that and that’s ok!  I had somewhat of a difficult childhood and would often get lost in the online Hanson world – the Hanson forums and Hanson chat. Sometimes I think that the Hanson world saved me. They have built an amazing culture of fans and friends over their online website and forums over at

“They don’t even know what it is to be a fan, y’know? To TRULY love some silly little piece of music, or some band, SO MUCH that it HURTS” – Almost Famous

I have a hard time choosing favorite Hanson songs. Every song takes me on a journey. I will say that I have favorite albums overall one being Middle of Nowhere for sentimental reasons. The bands first legit album released by a major record label.  I could listen to that album over and over again and be transported back to 1997.


Being a Hanson fan has taken me on some special journeys. From about age 10 to 17 I stuck to mainly Canadian concerts around Ontario. When I was 18 I took my first trip to see Hanson for “Hanson day” and Mayfest in their hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma. Despite reservations from my parents, I boarded a greyhound bus with a childhood Hanson fan friend Rita and it took us two days to get there! That’s what I would call dedication. The first picture below is Rita and I meeting for the first time. I think I was 12 here. The second picture is us before we boarded a Greyhound for Tulsa! FREEDOM! We still keep in touch today – which is pretty cool 🙂



I have many memories stored away when it comes to Hanson however a TOP memory would be travelling to the UK for tour in 2013. I won a meet and greet through and was able to get front row to the Glasgow show which was amazing! Standing in front row listening to the most amazing band perform is always a dream come true.

It meant a lot to me as Scotland is my ancestral home and visiting the country as a whole was surreal for me! I will always enjoy the music and Hanson as a band first and foremost however, what I enjoyed perhaps on the same level as the actual shows was getting together with friends from my online Hanson world after so many years of just talking to them and their hospitality of taking me in for the tour! Getting front row, talking to the band, getting pictures with the band – I am not so desperate for. That stuff is just the cherry on top. The friendships that have been created THANKS to this band is what means the most.




As sappy as this may sound, Hanson and their music have taught me and inspired me  to realize the importance of community and friendship above all else, a friendship created over one common bond. If I had to choose three words to describe Hanson and their music I would have to choose, transcending, memories and harmony. Together they have been able to blend all three and reach 21 years together as a successful band. Not to mention they have all grown 3 beautiful families and managed to stay out of the usual “rock star in the limelight drama and troubles”. They come from a great family and all have a good head on their shoulders.  They have crossed over into many different avenues including world and local charity work, they have partnered with Toms shoes, created an annual beer festival in their hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma which gains huge crowds and attracts top brewers from all over the world, released their own craft beer, not to mention created their own independent record label and released their albums through that after 2001. They write and produce all of their own music and also enjoy collaborating with other artists. 

Just sayin…they are not your typical “drop in the ocean boy band” that lasted for 10 seconds. Although, many folks might think that. No..they definitely stand the test of time.

This past Christmas Hanson released their second full Christmas album and I was super excited because they went on tour to support that album! I was in my happy place being able to take Brent to see them (third row!!) in Toronto and have him experience such an awesome part of my life! He was such a good sport 😉 plus there was beer! He clapped along with the music, laughed at the guys nerdy jokes and was actually particularly blown away by the song and performance of Joy To The Mountain. Please check it out!


If you care to spare some moments – check out a full live Hanson concert here and enjoy! I would love to know your thoughts on the music!

If I could say anything to Hanson right now it would be as simple as thisthank you Hanson, for taking away some of the loneliness of my childhood and for giving me some of the most amazing friends when I needed them the most. Thank you for writing lyrics that resonated with me and spoke to me in the happiest times and the sad times too. 

Do you have a favorite band or singer that you have followed for a long time? Do you catch many shows?? It’s such a great stress reliever! 

Until Next Time

Keep calm and MMMBOP on!!!

XO Jocelyn







15 Days of Anti Fungals Complete

This is gonna be a short one because not much to say! It was getting a little boring updating with the anti fungals lol – but another round complete. Not sure how many more rounds I will have to take, I suppose it all leads back to stress levels, how much sleep I’m getting, how much water I’m drinking, how my liver is detoxing, emotional health and obviously the food that I continue to eat. If you are looking for a good anti fungal cleanse I definitely recommend Renew Life Candi Gone. Just be sure to switch up what you are taking each month so the candida doesn’t become resistant to it!

XO  Jocelyn