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Hello everyone! So sorry for being away from the blog for awhile but life comes up (distractions) – I got to possibly day 6 of the Wild Rose Cleanse before I had to call it quits. Oh yea…my stomach and digestive system did NOT enjoy that cleanse. I was running to the bathroom constantly (TMI  SORRY) it got to the point where it was actually very painful for me and exhausting. It just didn’t feel good and so I had to close that chapter! So that’s the end of that. Updates: We leave for our honeymoon soon We pick up our puppy a day after we get back from the honeymoon! Aside from while away on our honeymoon- I will be trying to update on here more regularly from now on 🙂

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Growing up Empath

Hello everyone and hope you all are having a fun and most of all SAFE New Years Eve! I wanted to give a little background into growing up as a little Jocelyn. I also do want to say that I love my family, I love my parents. This is just my path and I had to go through it unknowingly to get to where I am today. We had many highs and many lows growing up and all is how it should have been. I was the shy kid, the “introvert”, the over emotional old soul. I suffered from asthma, lots of allergies, ear infections, got my period terribly early, horrific PMS and cramps, terrible and constant night terrors, I was always jumpy, scared and on edge, had the worst mood swings and was always so affected by my surroundings and environment. I didn’t have very many friends and took comfort in alone time. I wasn’t aware of the term “empath” until age 30. So as you can imagine I didn’t have the easiest or most supportive environment and help to understand why I was the way I was in my early days. I had gut feelings about things – that I was different and not really the same as my peers and that things were going on in my body and with my emotions in particular.  But I tried to stifle and ignore things instead of face them head […]

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Twists and Turns and changes.

  Annnnnd we’re back. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and enjoying your holidays! I apologize for some forthcoming changes to the blog but I’m still kinda feeling it out, seeing what I like, what works for me. I’m sure there will be many more changes to come 😉 I decided that this blog can’t be […]

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