Goodbye DoorMat

Hello blog world….

Question for you…

Where are my introverts at? Where are my empaths at?  For all of you quiet and shy souls. How about all of my genuinely nice folks with good intentions and good hearts? I know you are out there and this one is for you. Have you ever felt like a doormat?  Do you let people walk all over you and your feelings? Do you just put up with the bullshit and drama???


Do people take advantage of your kindness?

Do you feel under appreciated or taken for granted?

Are you a giver?

Do you feel burnt out on giving but not receiving?

Do you take care of everyone around you but not yourself?

Do you spend time with people you don’t really like? People who suck the good vibes out of you??

Do you compromise your values if it means others will remain happy with you??

Read on…

Growing up I know I felt like this too often… and I still do. But it’s time to say good bye to that scared person afraid to speak up to the bullies in life…the ones that like to railroad over our feelings and show no mercy. I am a people pleaser. I find it VERY difficult to say no to people when asking favors of me. I find it hard to just say NO and not offer a big long winded explanation of why I can’t or won’t do something. I feel every feeling and emotion…my emotions often like a whirlwind roller coaster from day to day for this reason.


Guess what? Sometimes you simply don’t feel like doing something and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you feel. Sometimes you see something nasty taking place whether it be online or offline and you fear speaking up but you know you would make a valid point if you did. Why are we so scared of other people and their reactions? Why do we let other people have all of the power? We constantly are telling our children…if you see someone being bullied or someone doing something bad then tell a teacher. Why do we ask our children to speak up but we don’t do it for ourselves?

I find it hard to confront people in person (although easy to write about it!) if someone has a clashing opinion to my own or if someone is confrontational with me…I’d rather just shrug it off then respond. My heart starts to speed up rapidly, palms get sweaty and the words are ready in my head but when I try to speak them everything gets mixed up! But this isn’t always healthy to be that people pleaser. We can’t please people 100 percent of the time nor is it healthy for us. We must find our inner voice and not be afraid to use it. In the name of complete healing…we must!Enough with hiding ourselves away and hiding our voice. Enough with hiding our personal power.


From here on out take these vows with me… Feel free to change them up and even add your own!

I vow to say no when I feel its right to do so and not feel bad about it.

I vow to say no and not feel I must offer an explanation to back that no up.

I vow to speak up against negativity, bullies, energy suckers and keyboard warriors.

I vow to do good and react… not stand by and watch evil happen. Including on the internet.

I vow to crate healthy and necessary boundaries when necessary with people and situations in my life. 

I vow to let my emotions flow through me rather than bottle them up.

I vow to use my voice.

I vow to use this blog as a space for good and a place to see the bigger picture.


Will you take these vows with me?? You might have some of your own too! Let me hear em!

XO Jocelyn




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